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Why Pet Credo?
There was no great thunderclap or 'ah-ha!' moment that compelled me to write Pet Credo. One day the thought just occurred to me of what animals might say to humans if they could actually 'talk' as we know it, a la certain movies or TV shows that have had talking animals. So I wrote some thoughts down as they popped into my head, tweaked and organized them a bit, and the result was Pet Credo.

Obviously no dog, cat, horse or so forth actually spoke to me and expressed what became Pet Credo. But, it seemed to me that virtually every animal on the planet would prefer the nine points made in Pet Credo. What animal, like any human, would prefer the opposite? I think, sadly, that pet maltreatment will always be with us. But I have brought Pet Credo to this point in the hope that a mutually beneficial relationship between animal and human is the one most realized.

Welcome to Pet Credo!
This is an unusual site in that there is only one product. It is an approximately 3.5 X 6.5" refrigerator magnet intended primarily for pet owners-and meaning animals that are generally considered 'pets' or domesticated, such as dogs, cats, horses and so on-although I suppose 'pet', like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Pet Credo is formatted in essentially a bullet point way and consists of nine statements that distill or contain the essence of how I believe a pet wishes to be treated by its human companions.

It's pretty simple and inexpensive at $10 (Free Shipping With Any Order), but I feel it will enhance the relationship between you and your animal companion. Thanks for taking the time to stop here!

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